• Year in review: 2023

    Now we’re already 11 days into 2024, I think it’s about time to finally get this type of blog post out and also a good opportunity to dust this blog and give it a fresh start! 2023 has been quite a year for me, with both ups and downs and some remarkable personal growth along…

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  • A lesson about mental health and looking for a new job

    Table of contents It’s the 1st of June, I’m in Porto, Portugal for WordCamp Europe which starts tomorrow, sitting in a café and write this post that I’m looking for a new job. It’s also a reflection of the past three months and what I’d like my future job to look like. If you or…

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  • A brand new look for 2022

    A brand new look for 2022

    It’s been a while since this website got a last update – somewhen in February this year I put up a little one pager as a placeholder. However this wasn’t my final goal for this website. My intention was to create a custom block theme for my website and I started out doing live streams…

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  • WCEU talk: How Subgrid enhances CSS Grid

    WCEU talk: How Subgrid enhances CSS Grid

    Better late than never, I’ve finally managed to bring this blog post together! I also took time and changed the theme on this website, so that might have been one reason it took a few more days than expected. I’ve also created a new Speaking page and added all my English talks so far there.…

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  • TIL: Smooth scroll behaviour with CSS

    I was aware that the scrolling behaviour of browsers can be adjusted with JavaScript. Today I learned that it’s also possible to do with CSS: Sadly it’s not available in all browsers, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera do not support it. Check out the CSS Tricks article about the scroll-behaviour property.

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  • TIL: Changes tab in Firefox DevTools

    At the Smashing Conf SF 2019, Jen Simmons walked through creating a layout with CSS Grid almost completely from scratch. Showing the Firefox DevTools, she showed the Changes tab, which basically collects all changes made in the DevTools until you refresh the page. Link to the video and timestamp: Be sure to watch the…

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  • TIL: How to monospace numbers in fonts

    I stumbled upon a CSS property I wasn’t aware of: font-feature-settings. Ever had the “joy” of using a non-monospace font and working with numbers in a table? Or any other occassion where the different width of each number just didn’t look great? Then you have to check out this CSS: With tnum, the browser will…

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