Category: Today I learned

  • TIL: Smooth scroll behaviour with CSS

    I was aware that the scrolling behaviour of browsers can be adjusted with JavaScript. Today I learned that it’s also possible to do with CSS: Sadly it’s not available in all browsers, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera do not support it. Check out the CSS Tricks article about the scroll-behaviour property.

  • TIL: Changes tab in Firefox DevTools

    At the Smashing Conf SF 2019, Jen Simmons walked through creating a layout with CSS Grid almost completely from scratch. Showing the Firefox DevTools, she showed the Changes tab, which basically collects all changes made in the DevTools until you refresh the page. Link to the video and timestamp: Be sure to watch the…

  • TIL: How to monospace numbers in fonts

    I stumbled upon a CSS property I wasn’t aware of: font-feature-settings. Ever had the “joy” of using a non-monospace font and working with numbers in a table? Or any other occassion where the different width of each number just didn’t look great? Then you have to check out this CSS: With tnum, the browser will…