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How Subgrid enhances CSS Grid

CSS Grid has been around for over two years in major browsers. While it’s amazing to work with, there’s still room for improvement. Currently, only direct child elements of a container can be placed with CSS Grid.

With Subgrid, you can bring the defined grid another level down. This enhances the feature of CSS Grid even further. In this talk, I want to show you the possibilities that Subgrid creates.

WordCamp Europe 2020 | 6th June 2020 | Slides

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CSS Grid in the wild

Since CSS Grid was introduced in modern browsers in 2017, developers finally are able to create complex layouts with less code. CSS Grid works a bit differently than the CSS frameworks developers are used to, so there’s a learning curve to get it. In this talk I want to show some examples how to use CSS Grid on websites, including either support or fallback layouts for Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Because this shouldn’t be an excuse anymore not to use CSS Grid today!

WordCamp Zurich 2019 | 14th September 2019 | Slides

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How to survive a WordCamp (or any conference) as an introvert

An introverted person enjoys and recovers from spending time alone and being surrounded by silence. But attending a WordCamp or another conference means: lots of people, lots of noise. I’m sharing some tips how to attend such an event and fulfill the needs of an introvert at the same time.

WordCamp Europe 2016 | 25th June 2016