How Subgrid enhances CSS Grid

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CSS Grid quick start

  • Create two-dimensional layouts with native CSS
  • It introduces several new properties, functions and a new unit for the structure, alignment and sizing of elements
  • Introducted to all major browsers in 2017

CSS Grid usage

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Nesting in CSS Grid

  • Currently, only direct children of a grid element can be positioned on the grid
  • Grandchildren display in normal document flow
  • A child element can become a new grid container
  • But nested grid containers are independent

So what is Subgrid?

  • Subgrid solves the problem of inheritance that CSS Grid is currently not capable of
  • It enables grandchild elements to use the defined grid
  • Subgrid used to be in Level 1 of the CSS Grid specification, but it was removed from the final release to improve it further

Good and bad news

Good news:

Subgrid is already available in Firefox since version 71 (released Dec 2019).

Bad news:

Subgrid is currently only available in Firefox. Not in Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.

Subgrid usage

Applying Subgrid

  • subgrid is a new value for two properties:

    • grid-template-columns
    • grid-template-rows
  • You can use either one of them or both at the same time
  • When using both, be careful with implicit grids

Line numbers & names

  • Line numbers in a subgrid start from 1 again - they do not use the line numbers of the parent grid.

  • Line names on the parent grid are passed to the subgrid!

Gap properties

  • If gutters are defined on the parent grid container, it will be passed to the subgrid

    • Properties: gap, column-gap and row-gap

  • You can change the gap properties on the subgrid if needed

Thank you!

Jessica Lyschik

Frontend Developer